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Dad and Emily Review “The Hunger Games”

My daughter Emily mentioned to me on Monday that there was a fair amount of positive excitement stirring on this Hunger Games movie.  I was already a little concerned about what I had read about this film (and book series).  But with all the support from homeschool and Christian circles, I thought maybe I should take a look at it.  My daughter's interest was piqued a little because of the Facebook activity and all.  Since I wasn't about to let my daughter see this thing without a full-court press spirit of discernment and interaction from a thoughtful Dad on the topic, we went off to movies Monday night.

What I saw horrified me.  It wasn't the gratuitous violence.  It wasn't the fact that the only reference to God and His Judgment came mostly by cursing and swearing (mainly from the potty mouth of the heroine herself).  And it wasn't the fact that there lacked any true redemption, repentance, hope, and the like.  And it wasn't the fact that kids were killing kids in a dystopian hell.  And it wasn't that the body-pierced homosexual offered the only respite to the madness.

It was the fact that there were two audiences watching the game, and everybody on both sides of the screen was rooting for the winner.

It was the fact that there are 50 million children who are raised with no concept of a 1500-year legacy of Christian ethics in the west.  They are being programmed to accept situational ethics of the most brutal form.  During the Nazi and the Communist holocausts of the previous century, at least one nation still held to a Judeo-Christian ethical base of some sort.  That is disappearing now.  The Brave New World inaugurates when the Harry Potter and Hunger Games generation matures - in about 15 years.  Things are going to get interesting.

Late that night Emily and I returned home and recorded a program in studio, reviewing "The Hunger Games."   There will be a remnant who will choose liberty in Christ, rather than play a part in the tyranny and anarchy of the future.