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Discernment and Disney’s “Frozen”

I have taken a great deal of criticism for my criticism of the Disney movie, Frozen.  While the heavily-adapted Hans Christian Andersen story may have some merit, let me say it is possible to ruin a film by a single scene and a single line.

I have called parents to a high level of discernment when it comes to the things their children watch, and the same thing applies to me.

I haven’t called for a boycott of Disney, but I’m not a big fan of an organization that denies funding for the Boy Scouts in that they have not done enough for the homosexual agenda.   I don’t think anybody’s debating that Disney is one of the most pro-homosexual media organizations in the country.
Especially problematic in Frozen, are the lyrics to “Fixer Upper.” Speaking of Kristoff, the trolls tell us,

“So he’s a bit of a fixer upper
So he’s got a few flaws
His peculiar brain, dear, his thing for the reindeer
That’s outside a few of nature’s laws. ..”

If it is a double entendre, I’m not sure what the “other” rendering would be.  An adult with an average intelligence would take unnatural relations with a reindeer to be. . .well. . . unnatural relations with a reindeer.  To violate nature’s laws in regards to a relationship with a reindeer is typically rendered as something you’ll find in Lev. 18:23.

While most children would not understand these lyrics, as they grow older they would come to realize the obvious meaning of phrases (found in their favorite movies). This then becomes part of the narrative in which they are raised.

I take the position that the light treatment of an abominable sin like this in a child’s film (however brief), is inappropriate.  I would be similarly offended to watch 5-second nude scene tucked into a Veggie Tales feature.

Wherever our readers come down on the sin of unnatural relations with reindeer, I hope we can agree on one thing:

As parents we need to be discerning with the stuff our children watch. 

Are we losing the Faith?

keepthefaith-vol1-mockup3If church attendance is moving from 60% to 6% in England, and 55% to 18% in America (for the millennials), are we losing the faith generation by generation?

If you are sensing a general squishiness in the macro church and a dwindling with the old churches known for “holding the line,” could it be that we are losing the faith?

There is a battle waging fiercely for the faith in the 21st century.  Those intrepid few still fighting are identifying the battle ground, and taking a stand in the field of lentils.  But we do not stand alone.  By God’s grace, we have a host of courageous men, leaders of the church who have fought for this same faith for 2000 years.   That’s why I have initiated a new series of books called “Keep the Faith.”  This series will lay out the battle lines, hard and true.  This series is meant to identify the points at which the Enemy is attacking the church and ripping it to shreds.

Our First Offering

Many of you know that I have worked hard to develop a Christian view on education over the years.  It turns out that this approach is worlds apart from that espoused by humanists, the Greeks, the Unitarians, Rousseau’s socialists, the Marxists, and John Dewey.  This theory has precedent in the Bible, and it the wisdom applications of 2000 years of godly men.

My conclusion is that if we don’t win the education battle, at least here and there, we will lose the faith.  This is an essential element for salvaging the faith in the 21st century.  

Because of this essential battle, we have recently completed our first volume in the “Keep the Faith” series. Every Christian parent with children, every Christian pastor, every Christian elder, and every Christian deacon should obtain a copy of this book.   I believe that this compendium of knowledge found in this little book is essential for every leader in the church (who wants to salvage the Christian faith in the west).  

As I review the history of faith over 2,000 years. . . especially on the topic of education, discipleship of children, seminary training, and college education. . . I wonder. . .

If they won’t listen to. . .

Justin Martyr
The Didache
The Didascalia
Martin Luther
John Calvin
Richard Baxter
Increase Mather
George Whitfield
John Wesley
A.A. Hodge
Charles Hodge
J. Gresham Machen

. . .are they still part of this church?

Friendly Fire

Occasionally, people ask us if we get any push back from the world out there because of our strong calls to faith in Christ and repentance of the socially-acceptable sins of the day.

Those Christians who support the murder of children in the uterus, and promote sexual decadence, and work to undermine the biblical order of the family and oppose our efforts are on the increase.  Will they persuade me to recant? Not in this millennium.  If they take me out of context, create straw men caricatures, and generally make me look like a fool (along with Huffington Post and the most liberal media sources in the country), it makes me wonder whose side they are on. When the last few Christians have their backs against Helms Deep, fighting to defend the last few Christian values in the twilight years of the Christian West against 100,000 orcs, faithlessness and treachery prevail. Wormtongue is effectual in his influence on Theoden. Actually, yes.  Right now, oppression comes from three corners -  homosexuals who don’t particularly like Rom. 1:28ff and 1 Cor. 6:9-11; feminists who don’t particularly like 1 Tim. 3:9ff; and Christians who support abortion and abortifacients, homosexuality and feminism (or don’t want to offend those who espouse these things). That’s pretty much it.

I know that my reputation is shot with the world. But, I don’t really care.  I’m not the first one to be falsely accused and falsely represented “in the world.” What matters to me is that more of our listeners humble themselves, repent of their sins, and turn to Christ for salvation from their sins.  If they don’t repent of their materialism and existentialist me-centeredness, they’ll never give up on the abortifacients (and a hundre
d other corrupting forms), and they won’t be saved.  “Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” If fathers don’t repent of their porn habits, and daughters don’t repent of their lesbianism and proud feminism, and sons don’t repent of their homosexuality and turn to Christ, they have no part in the kingdom of God.  This is the message we repeat again and again on our radio program.  I pray that some will listen, while the others take us out of context and mock.

Any Christian leader worth his salt needs to find something for people to repent of, and tell them to repent and come to Christ.  If you’re in America and you can’t find something for people to repent of (besides recycling aluminum cans), you need to get back into the Word of God and ask for a little Spirit-filled discernment.  Granted, telling people to repent of popular sins is not always fun.  For one thing, you have to repent of these sins first yourself (and that’s the most painful part of it!) Then, once you’ve repented of your sins and gouged out your right eye, the world will hate you for it.  They’ll take out your left eye for you.

Of all times, this is NOT the time for mealy-mouthed capitulation to the powerful, politically-correct systems of humanism, existentialism, materialism, evolutionism, etc.  Trillions of dollars are spent in media and academia to form an “apologetic” for homosexuality, abortifacient birth control pills, feminism, evolution, etc.  All we have are five smooth stones and a radio program generated in my basement (with a little help from my children who edit and post the program).  We are in the battle of the millennium here in the West. And we launch our smooth stones hard and fast. The giants scream “bloody murder” at us.  I say, let the “Christians” who kowtow to the status quo mock at us.   We won’t stop until we’re dead.  If we are a little inaccurate in the delivery (and caring Christians want to help us improve our aim), we’ll take that in a heartbeat.  We need all the help we can get down here.

We do appreciate the hundreds of notes received from humble dads, moms, and young people around the world who have been blessed by the program. Lives are changing. God is working – softening hearts and restoring relationships.

A Special Message from Kevin Swanson


Faith, Family, and Freedom Are Languishing

Church attendance has dropped 55% since the Silent Generation, with only 18% of the Millennial Generation in church.* Young men and women are saturated in secular education, pop culture, online pornography, and a myriad of other harmful influences. According to, 80% of young men are addicted to pornography.

Birth implosions and illegitimacy are the rule of the day, and faithful marriages are hard to find.

America now claims the position as the tenth worst economy in the world (based on the debt-to-GDP ratio**). Youth unemployment/underemployment now exceeds 80%.***

The Solution Has Remained the Same for 2000 Years

The solution is discipleship in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching our families and the nations to observe whatsoever Jesus has commanded. The solution comes through family discipleship and the re-integration of the family economy.

Four years ago, Christian Home Educators of Colorado and Generations with Vision introduced Family Economics Conferences to families in America and Canada. This year, we have planned another three conferences, and we’re excited to find tens of thousands of families restoring the age-old economic structure that existed for 6,000 years.

Join Us in Denver for Our Family Economics Conference

Our next conference is scheduled for March 27-29, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. For this special conference we are planning a great mix of visionary keynotes, practical workshops, outstanding panels, and a large vendor hall. Check out for more info and to register. Register by March 15th and save! Bring your whole family to the conference for only $199!

Invitation to Kevin Swanson’s Home

One more thing… We want to extend an invitation to the Swanson home for those families who are able to attend the Denver Conference. Join our family on the Sundayafternoon following the conference for lunch and fellowship in a relaxed atmosphere.

Need a Scholarship? 

We understand that some families are strapped for cash and cannot cover the registration fee. Don’t worry! We want to make sure that you can come to this conference, even if you cannot afford it. E-mail, and simply let us know about your situation and your need.

Nurture Little Hearts Book Contest



Do you have a children’s book concept that you would love to publish?

Nurture Little Hearts Book Contest

Christian families want more nurturing, helpful picture books for children. . . something besides Curious George, Dr. Seuss, Meatballs Raining from the Sky, Wild Kids Doing Wild Things Where the Wild Things Are, and Cookies for Ungrateful Mice. Christian parents tell us they have the hardest time finding nutritious, nurturing, fun books for their little tots and totettes. There are not enough solid, biblically-based, family-oriented picture books for children. That is why Generations with Vision is launching a Christian Children’s Picture Book Contest for 2014.

Nurture Little Hearts Book Contest
Contest Guidelines and Submission Requirements:
All submissions must be made by July 31st, 2014.
Book submission must target 2-8 year old children.
Book length must be 25-50 pages.
Book size is variable.
Book submission must be based upon biblical principles and must self-consciously recognize God.
Book submission must include full text and a mock-up of at least 75% of pictures.
Generations will provide the winner with a $2000 prize and will publish your book. Generations will provide you with royalties of 10% of sales.

Winner will be announced by August 31st, 2014.

Please send submission to:

Generations with Vision Publishing
10461 South Parker Road
Parker, CO 80134

Please include:
1. Author’s name.
2. Author’s address, phone number, and e-mail address.
3. Illustrator’s name (if different from author).
4. Parent’s signature approving of submission, if author is under 18 years of age.
5. A brief explanation of the theme or message contained in the story.
6. Any other expectations for the book on the part of the author.

Duck Dynasty – The Most Famous Family Economy in America

Duck Dynasty and the Most Famous Family Economy in America 


Phil Robertson stepped in the deep doodoo, when he took on the holiest of holies, the sacredest of the sacred cows of the apostate, w.a.s.p.y world .. . homosexuality.  Welcome to our club, Phil.  The metro-sexual meets the “bitter clingers,” and the explosions are interesting to watch.  


But what we really like about Phil and the Ducks are the family relationships, the generational continuity, and the family economy. There is something that will remain of the old order.  There is something healthy still hanging around in this country and other countries around the globe.  Healthy Family Economies!


That’s why we have invited Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty fame to speak at our Denver Family Economics Conference.   The Duck Dynasty reality program has taken the concept of the Multi-Generational Family Economy to a broad, popular audience.  


It isn’t just the beards, although we’re not against beards here! 


It is the family economy that enables cross-generational connections, and cross-generational discipleship in the Psalm 78 pattern.  


It is the family economy that provides for a healthy sustenance of biblical values from generation to generation. 


Our goal is to make the family economy accessible to hundreds of thousands of families.   

Homeschool Apostates and Kathryn Joyce’s Sins

NOTASINKathryn Joyce’s propaganda pieces that are intended to demonize the homeschooling population (or at least, certain segments of conservative homeschooling in America) continue rolling off the presses, and I like to keep track of the people who sympathize with her. Richard Dawkins re-posted her recent article on his website. I was a little surprised to see that she lifted her title from a recent segment of my radio program entitled “Homeschool Apostates.”  Did I pull the trademark on that one?

Aside from the fact that she has identified a couple of “Christians” or “Homeschool types” who have killed their children (nowhere near the ratio of public schooling parents that murder and/or abort their kids), I would say that we represent different worldview perspectives.   By the way, a  little guilt-by-association is helpful in every propaganda piece.

And yes, yes.  We’re all aware of those legalists who separate faith from their works, and the antinomians that separate faith and works, and the legalists that narrow applications to their favorite and thereby curtail liberty, etc. etc.  But these are all markings of the same old apostasy.

And, yes, yes. We can see that faithlessness tends to be generational and builds on itself from generation to generation.

I make no bones about it.  We’re in the minority.  The masses are moving towards apostasy. The millennial generation is far more likely to be pro-homosexual, pro-evolution, and pro-socialist than the previous generation. (Reference:

So of course, there will be masses of homeschooling millennials who will take on these ideologies, and abandon any semblance of agreement with the Christian faith. My tiny radio broadcast is only meant to salvage a few Christians left in the Western world who have ears to hear and won’t move with the masses.

Every religion (worldview) has its sins and the liberal (apostate) Western mind maintains its own list. Christians define sin by the law of God (1 John 3:4).  Liberals define their sins by Kathryn Joyce and her popular zeitgeist.  Pulling from Kathryn Joyce’s recent article, here is her list of sins (as I understand them). Most of the references come from “horrific” experiences of abuse described by Joyce’s litany of homeschool apostates contained in her article with the same name . . .

1. “The sisters were forbidden to wear clothes that might “shame” their father or brothers. Disobedience wasn’t just bad behavior but a sin against God. Both parents spanked the children . . .”

Sins according to Kathryn Joyce:

  • Obeying the 5th commandment
  • Obeying Dad and Mom
  • Spanking children for disobedience

2. “He met families that follow the concept of “Quiverfull,” wherein women are submissive to men and forgo contraception to have as many children as God gives them. . .”

Sins according to Kathryn Joyce:

  • Women submitting to husbands (Horrors!  Anathema!  Abominable!)
  • Disappointing Margaret Sanger (not taking your contraceptive pills)

3. “He encountered entire communities where women wore only denim jumpers for modesty’s sake. .  .”   Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but oh well. . . it’s fun to mock people in denim jumpers.

Sins according to Kathryn Joyce:

  • Women wearing denim jumpers
  • Women who even attempt to be modest

4. “They’re raising up the 12 of us to go be pastors, missionaries, and politicians. They’re changing the world through these kids.”

Sins according to Kathryne Joyce:

  • Our children turning into pastors, missionaries, and politicians.

I can see how pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, atheist journalists would not like this very much.

5. “She couldn’t make small talk, wore ‘oddly mismatched clothes,’ and was lost amid pop-culture references to the Muppets or The Breakfast Club. When public-school friends talked about oral sex, she thought they meant French-kissing.” 

Really big sins according to Kathryn Joyce:

  • Wearing oddly mismatched clothes
  • Never watching the  “The Breakfast Club”
  • Never talking about oral sex, or (shall we add?) having oral sex

6. “You’d be allowing demonic influences into your house if you watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Sins according to Kathryn Joyce:

  • Never having attended Splinter’s Hindu/Buddhist Meditation Training Sessions and all.

Odd sins, I think.  On what basis does she consider these sins?  Of course, she has no basis. Still we wonder whither her atonement?  Where is the redeemer?  Where are the new holy sacraments?

Alright, let’s just admit it. The big sin, by the definition of the apostates from Patheos, Huffington Post, and (who posted this article), is somebody not apostatizing from the Christian faith with the masses.  

Hey, church attendance in England is only at 5% (down from 12% in 1970), and the average age is 58 (up from 38 in 1970.)  That’s just not good enough for Franky Schaeffer, Richard Dawkins, and Kathryn Joyce, and the rest of the apostates leading the charge of apostasy in the West (

Kevin Swanson
Author, Apostate: The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West