Keep Your Eyes Healthy When Swimming

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Swimming is an enjoyable activity and a great way to exercise. It can also be perfect for your health, and best of all, it’s a lot of fun! But you’ve probably heard that it is crucial to protect your eyes when you swim. Here are some tips on how you can keep your eyes safe when swimming:

Ensure you are well hydrated.

Drinks containing high levels of caffeine can dehydrate you and thus increase the risk of irritation from chlorine. If your eyes are irritated, consider having a sports drink rather than an energy drink or tea.

Wear goggles.

Goggles will protect your eyes from particles in the water, and if you are tearing up, they should stop this from happening too. However, if you wear contact lenses, it is still advisable to wear goggles as there is a risk that the contacts could become dislodged and lost.

Use swimming goggles to protect your eyes from the chlorine in the pool water. Swimming goggles provide both a physical and chemical barrier between your eyes and the water.

Inspect the pool before you get in.

Ensure that no foreign bodies in the pool could injure you, such as broken tiles, sharp edges, or plant matter.

If you’re swimming outdoors, try to avoid water with a lot of plant growth. If you are not sure that the water is clear of plant matter, or if your doctor has told you that there are certain types of plants that could irritate your eyes, try to wear goggles.

Use sterilized or filtered water in non-chlorinated pools.

Pools with non-chlorine chemicals may still be harmful to your eyes. Try to use only sterilized or filtered water when cleaning your contact lenses.

Ensure that your goggles and clothing are clean.

Wearing goggles does not help if you have dirty goggles or wear old swimwear. Protect your eyes by wearing clean swimming attire. 

Always wash swimwear in a washing machine to eliminate any irritants that could be on the fabric. If possible, you can use hypoallergenic detergent instead of regular detergent.

Do not swim when your eyes are irritated.

If there is no improvement after a few days, stop swimming for a few weeks, at least until the irritation clears up.

It is best to avoid getting your eyes in contact with water while still irritated. If you have itchy or painful eyes, try to wear goggles and avoid swimming if possible.

If you wear contacts, constantly change the solution before you swim.

This can help avoid any problems with your contacts and stop them from becoming blurry or dirty. Don’t let water sit in your contact lenses. When you’re done swimming, tie up your goggles with a strap and make sure they are separate from your contact lenses.

Use Prescription sunglasses

When wearing sunglasses, it is essential to take them off before swimming. However, if your vision is bad, you can try a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Check with Your Eye Doctor

Most Eye Doctors offer services to test your eyes before swimming. We recommend Elite Vision Centers eye doctors and optometrists, if you are in their area. Some eye doctors also have access to EPDs or eye protective devices. This will usually involve wearing a goggle-like device while swimming that provides a second level of protection for your eyes.

Use Prescribed Eye Drop 

If you have been prescribed eye drops to protect your eyes, use them before swimming. If it is safe, apply the drops half an hour before going into the water.

Wait 15 minutes to ensure they have become effective; then, if you need to get your contact lenses wet, rinse them with clean water after putting them in, not with tap water.

Protect your eyes from the sun

It is easy to become distracted and forget about the sun when you are at the pool. But in fact, the sun can be dangerous for your eyes. 

Wear sunglasses when you’re swimming outdoors for protection against UV radiation. Consider using UV-blocking contact lenses to protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays when you wear contacts.

In summary, if you follow these tips, you can be sure that your eyes will be safe if you swim. Enjoy it!